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Please read the instructions below prior to completing your registration. If you have additional questions about the process, please reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

STEP 1: Purchase Hub Support on the Registration page:

Purchasing hub support will provide you with access to lesson plans for all four learning levels. Each level has unique curriculum, reading materials, and project ideas that change each year to best support the developmental stage of each learner. For a short overview of these levels, please reference levels under Philosophy of Learning. 

Once you have completed your purchase, you will have immediate access to the following member-only pages of our website:

  • Hub Support: Includes the contact information for our team of experienced educators. This page also includes helpful links and resources, such as project supply lists and transcript templates, to support your teaching experience.

  • Lesson Plan Login: Includes the log-in page for accessing your lesson plan dashboard.

  • Educator Training: Includes a series of training videos that explain how to apply the Portals' Philosophy of Learning to your home or classroom.

  • Forum: Access to the Portals' educator forum page where parents and teachers can connect with one another and share ideas and updates.

Space is limited. We can only grow so fast!  Registration will be cut off when we reach our capacity to serve and create a quality experience for you.

STEP 2: ​Set Levels for Math and Reading: 

  • New Students: Math and Reading are not connected to age level, or Portals Levels, they are based on competency. If you are familiar with Math-U-See and Pathway Readers curriculum, you may be able to skip placement testing. If you choose to complete placement testing with your student(s), you will use the following links to complete this requirement. Reading placement only needs to be completed for Founders level students. It is assumed that Growers, Thinkers, and Leaders have mastered basic reading and writing skills and will continue to develop these skills through selected literature and the Portals Family Almanac Project. Math Placement Test / Reading Placement Test

  • Returning Students: When you select your lesson plan preferences for Math and Reading, you may choose to place your student at a level above where they were placed in the most previous school year, or you may choose to keep your student in the same level for Math or Reading depending on their competency and comprehension of the subject.


STEP 3: Arrange for Curriculum Materials: 

Complete book lists, including ISBN # and links to publisher websites, are provided with your welcome letter. You may choose to save money by using the book list to find the reading materials at your public library, or by purchasing used copies online. You also have the option to purchase the full set of reading materials through the Portals Academy website. We partner with Heppner’s Legacy Homeschool Resources to fulfill and ship your order.  Available books are shipped within 10 business days of order date.  Depending on product availability at the time of the order,  some books may be delivered to you in a second shipment once they are back in stock. In addition to books, you will also need to provide students with basic school supplies, craft supplies, and access to a computer.

STEP 4: Start Learning: 

Lesson plans will be delivered to you based on personal preferences that you will set during the registration process.

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