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Please read the instructions below prior to completing your registration. If you have additional questions about the process, please reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

STEP 1: Subscribe by Purchasing 'Hub Support':

You'll choose from four levels of education grouping students developmentally or by age level. Each level has unique curriculum, reading materials, and project ideas that change each year to best support the developmental stage of each learner:

Founders Ages 5-8 (Early Elementary)  

Growers Ages 8-11 (Late Elementary) 

Thinkers Ages 11-14 (Middle School) 

Leaders Ages 14-18 (High School)

For a short overview of these levels, please reference levels under Philosophy of Learning.

  • If you have learners in different levels, you'll need to purchase hub support for each. 

  • Book lists are available for each level if you would like to look through the 2023-24 school year ahead of time. 

  • We will unlock member pages with Hub Support and start connecting you with other families.

  • If you are transferring out of a public/government school, you will need to 'withdraw' them, if needed, we'll share a template form for this. 

Space is limited. We can only grow so fast!  Registration will be cut off when we reach our capacity to serve and create a quality experience for you.


STEP 2: ​Set Levels for Math and Reading: 

After signing up for the Hub Support, you will be contacted by a Portals representative to determine math and reading placement. It may take a day or two, but we will reach out. We'll walk you through this if you need help. Math and Reading are not connected to age level, (or Portals Levels), they are based on competency. You can tell us where you want to place your child, or we can use placement testing  to identify their readiness. We will also talk about your text and laptop needs and talk you through how to save you the most time or money on texts. 


STEP 3: Arrange for Curriculum Materials: 

We do not include print materials or a laptop with hub support as some families would rather save money by purchasing used books or using the library. Some families prefer the convenience of having Portals send it all to their home. The price for "Reading Materials" is an average at-cost price across all levels, or the lowest we can get that price for you.  After Step 2, you'll know what math and language arts to find, so you can go book hunting with the book list.  Or you'll need to purchase the texts below for each level you have.  Material purchases are time sensitive - Reading materials and laptop purchase options will only be available through July 1st, allowing us time to order and ship them prior to the start of the school year.   


STEP 4: Professional Development:  

In August 2023, we will have training to walk you through the philosophy of learning for Portals, strategies for teaching in each subject area, and setting up spaces for project-based learning. This training is free, and we will video cast for remote families. If you want to come in person, you'll need to arrange for hotel reservations.   More information will be sent once the date and location have been determined.

STEP 5: Start Learning: 

Lesson plans will be delivered prior to the start of the school year. The school year begins after Labor Day weekend.

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