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Portals Academy is a non-denominational, nationwide, Christian education support system, dedicated to the vision of a 'school in every church'.


Quality private education requires time, money and commitment on the part of parents and churches. Portals seeks to minimize stumbling blocks for families that want a Christian education for their child.  Realizing this, Portals Academy is now a live K-12 option that makes it as easy as possible for any family or church to start their own Christian learning center.


Portals provides all the necessary curriculum, training, and weekly lesson plans to start immediately. By using digital media and resources, we minimize cost. By helping to connect families, we help you find community for learning in person and online. 

We recognize that 90% of the 50 million K-12 students in the United States go to government schools. While there are many Christian people working within that system, living out Christian values is becoming increasing difficult for them. Those families should have a Christian option that is just as easy, affordable, and practical as the government system. 


Education is always an act of enculturation. As Christians we want to discern how to best raise our children to have core values, essential skills, and a passion for life - and this takes precedent in the design and goals of learning. We want a better option, not just an alternative one. 

Portals seeks to:

1) Build from a core of Christian values and passion of learning;

2) Use and create rigorous and playful content for learning;

3) Leverage 21st Century technology and skills;

4) Design for experiences in the world and connecting to others; and

5) Create feedback loops that inform ongoing improvement.  


Sept 2022

Elementary Education -  Pilot

Jan 2023

Secondary Education - Midwest

June 2023

Portals Original Content

Aug 2023

Public Opening for K-12

K - 8th grade materials available by the fall of 2022 for a select few pilot sites in Minnesota. The Pilot has 33 students and 6 sites of both homeschool and micro-school settings.

Full K - 12  grade materials available. Registration open for Fall 2023. 

Leaders Home Sciences (General Science) becomes the first full Portals course designed. 

Portals goes live with digital profiles to send out lessons particular to level and pacing set by users. 

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