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Get Connected

If you would like to hear more about what we are doing and how we can support the educational needs of your family or your church, please reach out to us! We would love to connect with you and see if Portals is a good fit for your community.



Start a school in your church

Our aim is to make our model as flexible as possible to support the educational needs of communities in all settings around the world. Whatever your situation, we would love to connect with you and hear how you are finding ways to disciple your children.



Register your family

Raising children while a blessing from God, is a big responsibility. It can be challenging to discern which paths to guide your children  down. Whether Portals Academy is the best path for your family or not, we want to encourage and support you. 



Support a family or Christian school

Investing in the next generation is never a foolish action. Whether you are willing to offer money, resources or your most precious time, we would be delighted to connect you with a student or site. We pray you will experience blessings in return.

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