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Christian Curriculum Development

If you, or your organization, have a vision for  a particular course or curriculum, you can use our development team to gather, write, and produce a stand alone one year curriculum.


Portals Academy is developing Christ-centered curriculum in order to provide families and communities with the opportunity to teach their children with Bible based and research proven curriculum.  Further, we want that content to be prepped for digital delivery to teachers, which reduces costs and allows for multimodal content across text, video, audio, and interactives. 


For instance, our team is currently funded to develop a "Home Sciences" course that introduces learners to every aspect of home construction and function and taking care of the people that live there. This is a mix of physical science (HVAC operations), natural science (organic soaps), and learning how to live in todays world without being as reliant on others to repair, make, and create at home.  


In order to continue developing quality Christ-centered curriculum, we raise funds from generous donors, like you, to develop new courses. We are currently raising money for a "Write a Novel in a Year" curriculum.  This too fits our approach to learning actual skill for life!  

An investment of $50,000 allows Portals Academy to develop one course. Please prayerfully consider whether you would like to contribute to, or cover part or full cost of developing one year of curriculum to further the goal of affordable content for Christian education worldwide.

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