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3 Creative Projects for Park Loving Kids

We hope you all are having a great summer break but we hope you are not taking a break from awesome adventures! If you're a park connoisseur, we recommend the following three projects. If you want some ideas or examples, click the blue links. Let us know how it goes by leaving a comment and sending us pictures!

Zechariah 8:5 The city parks will be filled with boys and girls. They will play in the city's open parks. (ISV)

Tree - Homeschool Summer Park Projects

There are so many different kinds of parks, with so many different uses and features. How do I decide which one is best for me? Create a rating system for the parks in your area!

  1. List all the characteristics of a good park

  2. Select the characteristic most important to you

  3. Define your criteria

  4. Rate all the parks in your area according to your criteria

  5. Post your list online or a physical bulletin board for your community!

What do you like to do at the park? What would be the perfect park? Sketch and build it!

  1. List the criteria for the perfect park including features, activities, theme, size, location

  2. Sketch it out on paper or online

  3. Build a physical or digital model of it using whatever materials and tools your have

  4. Take pictures and share!

The kids in my neighborhood are tired of the typical playground games and activities. Can you invent a new playground classic for them? ~ Mandy

Solution criteria

  • Ages 5 - 12

  • Time 5 - 60 minutes

  • Average playground

If you have any crises of your own that need solving, leave a comment and we'll share them with the Portals community in a future post.

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