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Portals Project - Stand for Sanctity!

Welcome to Portals Projects! Each week we share projects that foster community building, creative thinking, problem-solving and character development. Invite your student(s) to pick a project that interests them to work on for a day or a week. Encourage them to share their plans, products or performances with the Portals community so we can all celebrate and grow together.

Week 18 - Sanctity

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created him; male and female created them.

Pin for Life

Design a pin that reflects the sanctity of life. 

March for Life

Participate in the March for Life or another Life sanctity event happening near you.

Save a Life

Perform a skit in which you / your group responds to a randomly assigned health situation.

End of Life

Imagine you are an explorer and you have discovered a new land. One of the natives dies and they hold a ceremony for him. Write an agenda that lists the events of the ceremony.  It can be as realistic or fantastical as you want.

Submit  your project

Email your pictures, videos, links to Portals Hub Support. Please call or email hub support if you need help submitting.

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