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Portals Projects - Grow in Grace!

Welcome to Portals Projects! Each week we share projects that foster community building, creative thinking, problem-solving and character development. Invite your student(s) to pick a project that interests them to work on for a day or a week. Encourage them to share their plans, products or performances with the Portals community so we can all celebrate and grow together.

Week 33 - Grow in Grace

2 Peter 3:18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity.

Grow Gala

It’s time to show how much you’ve learned and grown this year. Plan and host a gala with your friends and family that includes a talent show and an exhibit of some of the top projects from this year.

Portals Escape Room

Imagine you found a portal and when you jumped into it, you found yourself in one of the books you read this year! Map out the adventures you would have and the puzzles you would have to solve to find the portal back to 2024 America.

Power to Portal

Challenge: Create a 5 minute  performance of you (and your team) finding a portal and landing in a place no one has ever been before. Include at least one piece of furniture in your performance, one hand made prop and one reference to a book you read this year.

Portals Projects

Portals needs ideas for projects next year! What was your favorite project this year? What kinds of projects should we do more of next year? Pick your favorite holiday or topic and invent a project of your own.


Imagine you are an explorer and you have discovered a new land. Make a map of the new land that includes all the significant features.  It can be as realistic or fantastical as you want.

Share  your projects!

Email your pictures, videos, links to Portals. Please call or email hub support if you need help submitting.

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