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Portals Projects - Have Courage!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Welcome to Portals Projects! Each week we share projects that foster community building, creative thinking, problem-solving and character development. Invite your student(s) to pick a project that interests them to work on for a day or a week. Encourage them to share their plans, products or performances with the Portals community so we can all celebrate and grow together.

Week 2 - Courage

Deut. 31:6 Be strong and courageous; don’t be terrified or afraid of them. For the Lord your God is the one who will go with you; he will not leave you or abandon you.

Steps to Courage (Slides)

Courage is not the absence of fear but the decision to do what’s right despite it. If we want to be courageous in the big things in life, we can start by being courageous in the small things. Starting this week, learn to be courageous by:

  1. Reading or listening to a 9/11 story of courage

  2. Thanking and interviewing someone in your community who has shown courage. Ask them what gave them courage to do the right thing.

  3. Picking one way you can show or practice courage this week

  4. Recording a video of how you were courageous or share your plan to be courageous

Courage to Speak up and Stand out

Challenge: Act out a silly scenario for 1 minute based on a randomly drawn person/character, place and activity. After you are done acting, the other players will guess what you drew out of the containers.

Materials: 3 sets of paper slips in 3 separate containers with the names of familiar people, places and actions written on them. Each set should have enough slips for each participant to act once. You can put the slips back in after each participant or remove them.

Time: 30 seconds to think. 1 minute or more to act. 1 minute for guesses.


A. 10 points if you acted for the whole minute.

B. 15 points if you acted for more than a minute.

C. 10 points if the audience could guess what person, place and action you drew.

EnCOURAGE Me, Please!

I am terrified of talking to people about my faith in God. What is a verse that I can memorize to encourage me?

Solution Criteria

  • Encouraging Bible verse

  • Creative way to display verse

  • Effective way to memorize it

A New Land

Imagine you are an explorer and you have just arrived on what appears to be a vast amount of land unknown to your people. Make a physical or digital diorama of what this new land looks like. It can be as realistic or fantastical as you wish.

Submit your project

If you are willing to share your projects with the Portals community you can do so by attaching them to an email.

I’m excited to share our adventures this year!

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