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Train up a child in the way he should go,

And when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Your Children,
Your Learning 

Start Home Educating in a Week. 

Why Wait? 

If you are thinking about homeschooling or starting something new with other parents, you may ask:

1) Do have the knowledge and ability to do this?

2) Can I find the time? 

3) Can afford to do this?


The answers are "Yes, yes, and yes!"  Portals is here to help with all three! Let's get started! 

Portals is a non-profit that provides on-ramp support for parents, 

so that anyone can foster a Christian education. 

We want to make it easy to start and support you as you go. 

Portals is able to offer:

On-call mentorship,

All your lesson plan support,

Project ideas,

all starting at just $240 per school year.

You receive the highest quality support

for the most affordable price possible

connecting you to an amazing world of resources for learning.

The Portals Program

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Parent-Led Learning

We assume that students can learn together, so we develop lessons that can be used across age levels. When you are homeschooling on your own, we'll help to connect you with other Portals families for field trips, events, and project days. Learners that connect across age levels develop healthy relationships - all essential for success and easily achieved in parent-led homeschooling,  fellowship groups, cohorts, co-ops, and even in school settings. 

Curriculum Support

Humans are designed to learn through narrative and story and everything we could possibly hope to learn about history, culture, society and humanity can be found in a book starting with the Bible.  Portals builds off the reading, then provides question prompts, supplemental digital media, and projects to Read, Think, Do what they are learning.

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Exploratory Engagement

Learning happens most effectively and efficiently when we are able to explore. When given opportunity to make choices, experience things for ourselves, ask questions and test hypothesis - it's practically impossible not to learn! Portals adds transformational experiences to each day of learning.  Seek out your child's interest and encourage them to go for it.

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