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Philosophy of Learning


All Truth, wisdom and understanding starts with scripture and faith in God’s plan for the world and our lives.

Multi-Age Community

One-room school houses and home school families have long demonstrated not only the viability but the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching students at different ages at the same time.

Literature Based Curriculum

Humans are designed to learn through stories and everything we could possibly hope to learn about can be found in a book.

Project Based Learning

Project based learning allows hands on experience and application of principles learned from the books each student is reading.

Flexible Design

The opportunity to make choices leads to increases in efficacy, motivation, and attention.  Students have the flexibility to work in groups and on their own as is appropriate for their developmental needs.

Exploratory Approach

There are many skills in life that cannot be learned simply through instruction but have to be learned by doing, often through trial and error.

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