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Lesson Plans

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Subject Areas

Portals lesson plans are delivered to your email inbox based on preferences you select when setting up your account. You are able to choose how often and when you would like to begin receiving lesson plans. You are also able to set dates to pause and resume lesson plan delivery for vacations or breaks in the school year. Going with your own Bible curriculum? You will also be able to select which, if not all, subject areas you want to receive in your lesson plans.


"In the Beginning, God"… 

We suggest starting each day with Bible study and provide the lesson plans for you to do so. We want Portals learners to be exposed to the whole counsel of God's Word, which means students will go through the Old and New Testament at least two times throughout their K-12 education.  All Truth, wisdom, and understanding starts with scripture, so you will see a Christian perspective integrated in all subject areas.


Portals has designed Math lesson plans based off of the Math-U-See curriculum. As a literature to project based curriculum, we believe it is integral to be able to "Do" something with the concepts a student is reading about in their textbook. Math-U-See does 'hands-on' better than any other Math curriculum on the market. Each level includes integrated manipulatives that allow learners to see what they are calculating. When setting up your lesson plan preferences, you will need to select which level of Math is most appropriate for your student. The Math-U-See placement test can be found at this link.


Portals focuses on the principles of freedom, God, civics, character, and traditional principles of government. Portals History follows a three-year rotation going from ancient history to modern history.

Portals uses a variety of trusted texts, such as Notgrass History, Sonlight, and other non-fiction historical readers, to write lesson plans and teach your student about important historical events and figures. 


Depending on the learning level, Portals uses Apologia or Berean Builders Science to develop lesson plans. Leaders Home Science was the first course to be designed entirely by Portals. 

Each state has different high school graduation requirements that may require your student to complete certain courses in order to graduate. When you set up your lesson plan preferences for the school year, Leaders will be given the option to complete General Home Science, Chemistry, Biology, or Physics.


Humans are designed to learn through stories, and everything we could possibly hope to learn can be found in a book. Portals selects great age-appropriate classic literature that engages a student and allows them to be taught through stories and interest. 

The lesson plan for each reading has discussion questions that are provided to help you assess your student's learning and comprehension. They also allow you to engage in meaningful conversation with your student, so that when challenging concepts or ideas are presented, you can discuss how they are understood through the Christian worldview.​


Portals uses Pathway Readers curriculum from Kindergarten through 2nd Grade in order to teach students how to read. Pathway Readers have been used successfully for decades and they provide curriculum that is morally sound, comprehensive, and easy-to-teach. K-2 Reading level placement can be completed using this link.

In alignment with our learning philosophy, Portals believes that the best way to learn a skill is to do it. After 2nd grade, students are generally ready, and encouraged, to read books on their own.  They will read a list of classic literature, poetry, and short stories to improve their skills and comprehension.

Daily Lesson Plan Examples





A Sample Schedule

The length and schedule of the school day depends greatly on the needs of the students and the learning environment.  Block scheduling creates structured learning, but allows for modification to best meet the needs of your learners.  Download the sample schedule below and tailor it to meet the needs of you and your student(s).

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