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There are many math curriculums. How do we select just one? How do we know what will work the best? Below we give an overview of Math-U-See and how it fits with project-based learning. Further down is a list of all levels and links for more information. 


At Portals, we are designing around a literature (Read and Think) and project-based (Do) curriculum.  All subjects are better when we use not just our ears, but our experiences! Each individual student will learn at different paces and will be placed based on existing skill as they subscribe to Portals. 


There are existing and established traditional math curriculums that have a track record for better test scores that lean on text only, (Saxon or Abeka for instance), but they fall short in hands on processing.  We still encourage parents to use whatever works for their children and try different curriculums until you find the best, but we think a year with Math-U-See will be hard to beat.   


Math-U-See does 'hands-on' better than anyone. Each level includes integrated manipulatives that allow learners to see what they are calculating. This allows learners to understand the concept on top of just memorizing tables.  You can identify your child's classroom placement level using the Math-U-See placement process. Work through the placement and let us know, so we can include math lessons, supplemental links, and project ideas.  


Your Math-U-See kit includes teacher guides, learner text, testing booklet, and any manipulatives included for that level. This is included in your "Readers" purchase. 


The links below give more information. 

Math Sequence for Math-U-See

Primer - An Introduction 

Alpha - Single Digits

Beta - Multiple Digits

Gamma - Multiplication

Delta - Division

Epsilon - Fractions

Zeta - Decimals and Percent

Pre-Algebra - Finding X

Algebra 1 - Equations and Functions

Geometry - Spatial  Functions

Algebra 2 - Polynomials

Pre-Calculus - Logarithms

Calculus - Differentials

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