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Why is Portals So Inexpensive?

Portals was established with the mission to open access to families a quality private Christian education option - and part of this is to reduce cost to the families as much as possible. There are many ways in which Portals is able to lower the cost of education without compromising quality.


Portals is funded by generous donors who are passionate about increasing access to quality Christian education. All of our administrative and development work is fully funded by donations.  This means families are only paying for services they can use. 


Portals uses digital media for communication, delivery of resources, and builds 'Portals' to existing online materials. Why design a competing resource when outstanding ones already exist?  We do not have a profit model to drive a particular approach, media, or means, so we can choose innovation and savings, without losing quality,  above maintaining a profit model.

Non-Inflated Resources

Government schools come with government funding and for profit businesses will charge as much as they can within an inflated system. We don't blame them, but there is a better way to provide educational resources at lower costs.  Using texts instead of textbooks is a good example. 

Volunteer Board of Directors

Each of our board members volunteer their time, resources, and expertise to direct and oversee the development of Portals. They believe in cost saving in leadership also. 

Competing with Cost of Public Education

Portals recognizes that in order to fulfill our mission, and to allow as many families as possible to choose a Christian education for their children, we must compete with the cost of a free public education.  Without subsidies, we have to find and leverage every tool possible. 

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