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Learning Levels

Learners stay in each level for three years.  

Math and Reading are determined via placement tests.

Early Elementary

Ages 5-8

Founders establish the tools for learning so that they can learn to love learning itself.  Content is focused on delight, core values, disposition, and building virtue. 


Late Elementary

Ages 8-11

Growers develop and exercise learning tools and begin to practice competence and pursue excellence in learning. Content is focused on heroes, honor, purity, and pursuing epic goals. 


Middle School

Ages 11-14

Thinkers use rhetoric, logic, and develop communication skills towards graceful and thoughtful engagement with ideas, issues, and contemporary events. Content is focused on robust and challenging ideas that are worthy of discussion.


High School

Ages 14-18

Leaders are always learning, serving others, and developing useful skill in areas that may lead to professional, personal, or ministerial contributions. Content is focused on adult level reading and ideas.

**Post Secondary Enrollment is available through Crown College for students who are interested and prepared for college level coursework.  Additional costs may apply and a 3.0 GPA is required for entry.

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