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Book Lists

2023-2024 Reading Content for Each Level

Each school year, Portals selects books that introduce themes and ideas for all ages - so all of your students are talking about the same ideas. Books are selected for different reading levels around the theme for the year. Book lists rotate through a three year cycle highlighting American History, Ancient World History, and Modern World History.

Happy Kids with Books
Happy Kids with Books


Founders texts are selected to be read aloud by the teacher or parent. They compliment the process of learning to read while providing exposure to heroes, values, and discussion points for you and your child. Texts are also selected for humor and delight, so as you read together you are swept away. 


Growers texts are selected to give new readers a chance to build on their skills using full narratives and develop a sense of key events. Some book are to be read-aloud to sustain a diet of more challenging content, while others are practice for the students to build reading skills. Some will be more or less challenging based on development - all of them will complement the subject area studies.

Reading a Book


Thinker texts introduce the great ideas of history and our times. Both read-aloud and readers are still included. We encourage reading aloud even as learners continue to grow. These texts will give you discussion points that could carry well into the evening. 


Leaders texts develop key ideas and philosophies in classic and modern texts that define their times. At the leader level there are no read-aloud books so they have time for the readers. However, at this level, consider having older leaders do the read-aloud time for younger readers. 

Colorful Books
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