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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Christian School Resources

We are so glad you are here!  Christian schools can take many forms, so whether you have an established school building full of teachers and students, or are gathering a few families together each week to meet in your local church building, Portals has the resources and support that you need.

School Start-Up Support

Have you prayerfully considered the education options in your community, and recognized a need for a school that provides Christ-centered learning? Starting a school can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be.  Partner with Portals and we can help walk you through the steps to beginning your own school. Consider the following questions and then reach out to us for a free consultation.

  • Who? Starting a school requires a few families or a community of people looking to provide their children a Christ-centered education.  Who are your students, and how many will there be?  Who will be teaching the students?

  • Where? Do you have a safe place available to teach students? Can you gather in someone's home? Is your local church building available during the week? 

  • When?  How often will you meet? During what days and times? Is your building available during the times that you want to meet for school?

  • How? What grade levels will be available? Will your school be run by parent volunteers or will you hire teachers? What are the guiding values that will inform your decision making?

Review Curriculum

  • Christ-Centered: All Truth, wisdom, and understanding  starts with scripture and faith in God’s plan for the world and our lives.

  • Philosophy of Learning: Each lesson plan has content from great classic literature (READ); conversation prompts (THINK) to assess learning with students, and project ideas (DO) so they can apply what they learn.

  • Scope & Sequence: Lesson plans include all primary subject areas for K-12 students.

  • Learning Level: If you need help determining which learning levels are most appropriate for your students, we would be happy to help. You can reach out using the contact information listed at the bottom of the page. 

  • Book Lists: provided on the website so you can see what reading content will be covered during the course of the school year for each learning level.


  • Schedule a Consultation: Whether you are starting a new school or switching to Portals as an already existing school, we look forward to meeting with you to discuss how you can start using Portals.

  • Christian School Order Form: Once you submit the Christian School Order Form and your payment and information has been processed, your school and teachers will have access to lesson plans, on-call teacher support, an educator training series, as well as a forum to connect you with other Portals schools.

Reading Materials

Portals Christian Schools must provide their own reading materials to students.  A book list with recommended ISBN #'s and links to publisher websites is provided upon registration. Below are a few important things to consider when obtaining materials for your school: 

  • Read-Alouds: Portals encourages educators to read some books aloud to students.  Look at the book lists to determine how many copies of each book you want for the number of students you will be teaching. 

  • Free Online Resources: There are many pieces of classic literature incorporated into the Portals lesson plans, and many of these can be found as free audio or print resources online. 

  • Placement Testing: Know which level of Math and Reading materials each student will need before placing your order.

  • Online Retailers:  A book order list is available for each learning level on Amazon. You may also need to buy directly from publishers who do not sell on third party websites. Some retailers may provide a quantity discount for schools based on size of your order.

  • Book Drive: Use your local church or faith community to collect the books you need.  

Hub Support

  • Live Support: If any of your teachers have a question about a project, if they want additional content for a subject their students are really excited about, or if they need ideas on how to teach a challenging subject area? They can call or email the hub support team and will immediately be connected to another experienced teacher who can help provide resources or recommendations.

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