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Education Readings

We are keeping an eye on education with you and keep seeing reasons to start using Portals to take charge of your child's education. 

In the News...

Below we reprint some of the articles we are noticing.  We need to be clearly informed about what our educational options are and what they offer prior to making decisions around our children. 

The Christian One-Room Schoolhouse: A Superior Alternative to Government Schools

7/18/2023 - Dr. Bruce Shortt  A review of the benefits of education led by parents.

Larger Vocabulary as a Metric for Life

March 6, 2023 - Jordan Clive reviews corollary data on the importance of vocabulary development. Top strategies include focus on your interests and voracious reading habits. 

More test results show math and reading scores the lowest in decades

June 21, 2023 - Catrin Wigfall reports on drops in test scores. 

Research Facts on Homeschooling

March 11, 2023 - Brian Ray summarizes Homeschooling data. Better on all measures; when an option is 15% better than the other overall (at worst!), we would be fools not to consider home education as a viable option worth other sacrifices to make it happen.  Know the facts. 

Why 82% of Public Schools are Failing

February 22, 2023  - Grace Chen reports failing schools - and completely misses the point!  More government isn't the solution it's clearly a direct correlation to the problem. 

The Power of Multi-Age Learning

August 10, 2017  - Jay Underwood and Margaret Jones review core benefits of Multi-Age Learning. We wonder if these benefits are so clear, why so many continue to segregate student learning by 12 'grades'.  If it helps children, perhaps affective growth is more relevant than annual testing scores? 

Project-Based Learning Research Review

December 1, 2015  - Vanessa Vega reports a summary of PBL research and findings.  Research in this area largely falls along these lines since the publication. PBL is a known asset in education when done within a structured environment and adults discussing the projects in process.  

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