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Home Sciences Course

Home Sciences Course


Course Title: Home Sciences

Level: High School students

Available: July 15th, 2024

Course will be complete and available for digital download in July.
  • Description

    This two semester sequence is a survey of many of the life skills needed to maintain a home, manage a household and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Topics include canning, composting, gardening, wiring, and painting in addition to the traditional home economic skills like cooking, sewing, first aid, exercise and nutrition. Using resources created by professionals, students gain practical experience in caring for a house such as the HVAC systems, appliances, waste disposal systems and structural integrity.


    Course Overview:

    Module 1 - Automobiles, Painting, Harvest, Composting

    Module 2 - Canning, Winterizing, Candles, Food Prep

    Module 3 -  Nutrition, Diet, Exercise, Lotions

    Module 4 - HVAC, Baking, Hospitality, Oils

    Module 5 - Plumbing, Laundry, Pet Care, Appliances

    Module 6 - Insulation, Virus/diseases, Organization, Electricity

    Module 7 - Cooking, Cardio Health, First Aid, Sewing

    Module 8 - Masonry, House Safety, Gardening, Power Tools
    Module 9 - Septic Systems, Confections, Grilling, Framing

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