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Leaders (High School) Reading Materials 2024-25

Leaders (High School) Reading Materials 2024-25


One set of reading materials for the Leaders learning level for the 2024-25 school year.

  • Description

    This package includes all of the books and texts you will need to teach your student Math, Reading, History, Literature, Bible, and Science. You have the option to customize your order based on the Math level of your student. You also have the option to select your Science materials based on course preferences and high school graduation requirements.


    If you have chosen to use your own Math or Science curriculum you can select "None" and the price of your reading materials will be adjusted accordingly.


    List of reading materials available in the Leaders 2024-25 Book Order:


    Bible & Reference

    A Bible will be required for the Leaders curriculum. You are welcome to use any version that you already have at home. If you need a Bible, please select "I need a Bible" in the dropdown menu. 

    • The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History
      • Curtis



    • Byzantium (Kindle Version Only)
      • Lawhead
    • Confessions of Augustine
      • Augustine
    • Cory's Ancient Fragments
      • Cory
    • Desire of the Everlasting Hills
      • Cahill
    • God's Battalions
      • Stark
    • Iron Lance
      • Lawhead
    • Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman
      • Watt
    • New Foxe's Book of Martyrs
      • Foxe
    • Noah: Man of Destiny
      • Chaffey / Adams
    • Odyssey of Homer
      • Picard
    • Peony (Kindle Version Only)
      • Buck
    • Sailing the Wine Dark Sea
      • Cahill
    • St. Benedict's Rule for Monasteries
      • Doyle
    • The Ballad of the White Horse
      • Chesterton
    • The Bible Jesus Read
      • Yancey
    • The Priest
      • Rivers
    • Travels of Marco Polo
      • Polo



    Take the Placement Test

    • Math-U-See
      • You have the option to select a "Universal" or "Level-Up" set of materials from Math-U-See in your book order. If you are new to using Math-U-See, you will likely need to order the Universal Set. Learn more about Math-U-See materials by visiting their website.



    • Portals Home Sciences (Online Text Provided in Lessons) - OR -
    • Berean Builders: Discovering Design with Biology (Textbook, Tests, and Lab Kits) - OR - 
    • Berean Builders: Discovering Design with Chemistry (Textbook, Tests, and Lab Kits) - OR -
    • Berean Builders: Discovering Design with Physics (Textbook and Tests)
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