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Thinkers (Middle School) Reading Materials 2024-25

Thinkers (Middle School) Reading Materials 2024-25


One set of reading materials for the Thinkers learning level for the 2024-25 school year.

  • Description

    This package includes all of the books and texts you will need to teach your student Math, Reading, History, Literature, Bible, and Science. You will have the option to customize your book order based on your student's Math level and preferred Science course.


    If you have chosen to use your own Math or Science curriculum you can select "None" and the price of your reading materials will be adjusted accordingly.


    List of reading materials available in the Thinkers 2024-25 Book Order:


    Bible & Reference

    A Bible will be required for the Thinkers curriculum. You are welcome to use any version that you already have at home. If you need a Bible, please select "I need a Bible" in the dropdown menu. 

    • Favorite Poems Old and New
      • Ferris
    • The BBC Manual: Bedroom into Bible College
      • Johnson



    • A Single Shard
      • Park
    • A Wrinkle in Time
      • L'Engle
    • Adam of the Road
      • Gray
    • Arash the Archer
      • Bourbour
    • Black Horses for the King
      • McCaffrey
    • Bruchko
      • Olson
    • Fellowship of the Ring
      • Tolkien
    • Flame Over Tara
      • Polland
    • God King
      • Williamson
    • I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade
      • Wilson
    • Island of the Blue Dolphin
      • O'Dell
    • Kingdom's Dawn
      • Black
    • Out of the Silent Planet
      • Lewis
    • Pilgrim's Progress
      • Bunyan
    • Seven Daughters and Seven Sons
      • Cohen
    • Shadow Spinner
      • Fletcher
    • Tales from Shakespeare
      • Lamb
    • The Book of Three
      • Alexander
    • The Eagle of the Ninth
      • Sutcliff
    • The Ghost of Tokaido Inn
      • Hoobler
    • The Golden Goblet
      • McGraw
    • The Ides of April
      • Ray
    • The Outlaws of Sherwood
      • McKinley
    • The Second Mrs. Gioconda
      • Konigsburg
    • The Shakespeare Stealer
      • Blackwood


    Read Aloud Books

    • David and Goliath
      • Gladwell
    • Mission to Cathay
      • Polland
    • Story of the World: Ancient Times
      • Bauer
    • Story of the World: The Middle Ages
      • Bauer
    • The Art of War
      • Tzu
    • The Case for a Creator
      • Strobel
    • The Trojan War
      • Coolidge



    Take the Placement Test

    • Math-U-See
      • You have the option to select a "Universal" or "Level-Up" set of materials from Math-U-See in your book order. If you are new to using Math-U-See, you will likely need to order the Universal Set. Learn more about Math-U-See materials by visiting their website.



    • Apologia: Health and Nutrition (textbook only) - OR -
    • Berean Builders: Earth Science (textbook only)
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